Part of being a good agent is giving back to the community, we make that easy. Not only will we help Fund your Community Events, we will help you organize and plan them as well. This can be a range of different things, like participating in local health fairs. Organizers are always looking for sponsors and educators, why not be the expert on both. When properly planned in addition to your Agent Level Overhead Funding you can receive Carrier Co-Op. There really isn't a limit to the amount you can request, it just has to make sense.


There are a number of expenditures a good agent should be receiving. When you are producing, you're spending money. Often on clients, sometimes on carrier reps or other networking opportunities. Your budget doesn't need to be negatively effected because of these costs. Allow us to assist you with providing superior service on every level.​


Tools to get the job done can be expensive. We list all sorts of amazing technology. Most of it is available through in house designers for FREE. However, some items you want to pay for and control yourself. For example, your CRM and your website. You can give us temporary access as needed to setup, maintain, upgrade, and repair. Your website and CRM should be owned by you. If you ever decided we are no longer the right fit for you, it make sit easy to leave and not skip a beat with business. That is one of the reasons we feel we will always be the right fit. We provide the Tools and the Funding for them. If you decide you find something better we make it easy to leave. Usually a FREE website is a great tool to hold an agent captive, as the site belongs to the marketing agency. We don't play those kind of games.​


It doesn't matter if you have a walk-in office or work form home. You have overhead expenses. Most likely they are greater if you have a walk in store front office. Which probably includes more enrollments, well guess what? That equates to more Funding, because more Funding equates to more enrollments. We understand that with today's technology, you can spend even more from home then with an office. Again if your production is able to back your expenses, you can bet we will back you.


Seminars are expensive, the venue alone can range in the hundred of dollars. Not to mention the advertising associated with it. The more successful you are, the more money is required to invest in your venture. That's where we come in, depending on your level of commitment to us and production we reciprocate.